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DJ Just Some Clown Boise
you:coma / nowzero Berlin Taipei
Sake One SF
DeeJay Sean G San Francisco
$mall ¢hange Brooklyn

Selected Comments

coma / nowzero: dispossessed lives are being destroyed. Music is political.

DJ Just Some Clown: No more apartheid!

DJ Zhao: equal rights and justice is crucial for good music
Nappy G: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to Justice everywhere.”~MLK,Jr.
Having lived through the original BDS movement against Apartheid S.Africa, I can see all the same arguments being used against this movement. But just like in S.Africa, it won’t stop us! This is an expression of our free speech, & our choice. #EndTheOccupation
Davey D: Glad ur doing this.. It’s an important issue
DJ Comrade: Too many Djs are ignoring the call to boycott Israeli institutions that profit off of the illegal & immoral occuptaion of Palestine.
Our message to all entertainers, artists & fellow Djs is clear – do what you can do to help! Refuse to play any gigs in Israel until they comply with international law. Until they cease building illegal settlements. Until they dismantle the apartheid wall. Until there is full right of return for all Palestinian refugees. Until all political prisoners are free! Stop Entertaining Apartheid!
Help End the occupation and Free Palestine Now!
Marcuscha: I support BDS! Free Palestine.
DJ Mad Coins: It’s right to stand up for Palestinians. The world must help them seek justice.
Dirty South Joe: I am a Palestinian American.
Lord Lewis the Velvet Knight: “We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians.” –Nelson Mandela
DJ Kuttin Kandi: Free Free Palestine!